Ruby’s Sunday Stash…Photographic Rifle?

Wow. This stash has to be seen to be believed. In browsing through PetaPixel I found this gem of an article. Seems that the world’s first motion picture camera was … a rifle?

What? Of all of the shapes that you could use for your “motion picture” camera – why would you choose “gun?”

Of course, for any designer (and following last week’s stash theme of steampunk) – this image is gold. A vintage patent application for the Fusil Photographique (or “photographic rifle”).


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  • Erica, Los Angeles

    That actually makes sense, now that I think about it – the revolving mechanism (on those rifles that had them) would’ve been the perfect technology of the day for rapidly advancing frames of film; further, rifles are portable and can be aimed with a modicum of precision. I guess you’d put the flash powder where the gunpowder goes? Cool find, Ruby! 🙂

    • admin

      That’s true, Erica! I hadn’t thought of the actual mechanical work – but the revolving mechanism makes a ton of sense!

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