Logos Evolve…

I’ve created a quick infographic of my recent design flow for Restoration Painting. The process began with these sketches (here) – and yesterday I gave them their final design.

Have you ever noticed that logos evolve? Whether it is in just one design process (as my infographic suggests) or whether it is over time (like these) a logo changes as the business changes.

Logos have a profound psychological weight. They are not a cute graphic to grab eyeballs (though they do that also). Logos also tend to have deep ties to the values of the business owners. Color. Style. Typography. All of these elements combine to communicate something that is nearly beyond words. Not only that, but logos represent the reality of what the business hopes to become.

Imagine something else that has this kind of power. A graphic that represents all that you are, and all that you hope to be. A graphic that helps people understand what matters most to you and your business. A graphic that invites people in to your company. A graphic that broadcasts “I’m a professional” to anyone who sees it.

Wow. What do you think? Is there anything as powerful as a logo? Sound off in the comments below.

P.S. My infographic is a perfect poster size… if you’re interested! 😉 Or … perhaps you’re interested in your own custom logo? Contact me today! (click here)

evolution of rest paint logo

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