Is Pink a “Good” or “Bad” Color?

You probably have a favorite color, right? And chances are you know somebody who absolutely hates that color. You may love pink. You find it lively, exciting, youthful. But your best friend may think it frivolous, gaudy, shallow…

So. Who is right? The answer is: you both are. Colors have both negative and positive characteristics – but these characteristics are nearly UNIVERSAL! Everyone will agree that pink has both positive and negative connotations, and most people will agree what the positive and negative aspects are.

Isn’t that weird? The underlying “meaning” of a color, it seems, can be both subjective and objective at the same time.

Colour Affects (a U.K. website) has this to say on their incredibly informative site.

In practice, colour psychology works on two levels: the first level is the fundamental psychological properties of the eleven basic colours, which are universal, regardless of which particular shade, tone or tint of it you are using. Each of them has potentially positive or negative psychological effects and which of these effects is created depends on personality types and – crucially – the relationships within colour combinations, the second level of colour psychology. For further clarification of this important point, read about the Colour Affects System.

Whatch’a think? Is pink good … or bad … or … both? (said the guy who has a pink web theme!)

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