David the Tornado…

… This is a story of  how a dude who is a designer (and also happens to be a runner) created a custom “bib” for the impromptu “Boston Runners – Take Back The Streets Run.”

First things first: Do you know what a Marathon bib is? If not, click here.

Secondly: Did you know that designers hate for things to look horrible? If not, click here.

Thirdly: Did you know that a group of nearly 300 runners decided to fight through Boston’s rush hour traffic on Tuesday (the day after the blasts) to “Take Back The Streets?” If not, click here! Cars stopped and honked for them! Fire Engines blasted their sirens in salute. And these nearly 300 runners formed a human tunnel to welcome each other back at the end of their impromptu run!

Fourthly: Did you know that they coordinated this commemorative run entirely with social media? Social media is powerful.

Fifthly: One of the runners was David the Tornado (his website, his facebook) – and he thought that they should have bibs that paid tribute to those who were hurt and died in the blasts. And, of course, being a designer he created this bib – because he hates for things to look horrible. And he also used a beautiful blue for the design… why? Blues are soothing. Stable. Professional. Clean. They instill trust. And all of these psychological realities are something that David wanted to capture.

Sixthly: (is sixthly even a word?) I think we should do this – On May 15th let’s have our own tribute run. We will print out bibs, attach them to our shirts, and run. We can run together. We can run separately. But we will run to remember…What do you think? Wanna run on the 15th with me? If you’re a runner in the Sacto area leave a comment below!

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