Album Design Project … Part 2.

In my first post about this album design project I talked about some initial inspiration to find a “Tree of Life.” The search led me to a local vineyard where I discovered this ancient behemoth…

Once I had “The Tree,” however, the design process began in earnest. What to do with the tree? What did the clients want to communicate? I began to focus on what the clients had communicated about the mystical Hebraic tradition of “The Tree of Life,” (Etz Chaim) … and it took me down a path that my clients (a young married couple with incredible musical talents) DID NOT LIKE…

Hey… That’s okay… Sometimes you’ve gotta make some mistakes before you end up in the right place. My job is to make sure that my clients communicate what THEY want to communicate! And my first mock-ups (see below) were far too “heavy” for the taste of my clients. They wanted a Tree of Life that was more like a warm and inviting home, rather than an exotic source of light!

I ended up moving in a very different direction, but check out the designs below… see any you like?

j and j album 3  j and j album 2  j and j album 1

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