A Book For Reva Weiselman…

It’s not often that graphic design can help you immigrate to another country, right? Today I spent a significant amount of time preparing for our upcoming immigration. A large part of the preparation has been getting our family documents gathered from various government institutions. In a word: “NOT FUN.”  … yes … I know that was two words… 😉

But today was much more fun. Today I worked on restoring a book for Rosemary’s family (my wife). A book of tribute to the incredible life of Reva Weiselman. A book which contains miracles (every child that she delivered as a midwife in Russia survived the Holocaust! – EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.) This is a book of beauty even though it was filled with faded and discolored black and white photocopies. I did major work on photo restoration, preserving the historical integrity, and all around shine mixed with elbow grease.

In the end this was one of the best days of preparation for immigration AND design that I’ve ever experienced.

This was a day of work on a book that it was truly an honor and privilege to restore. Sometimes design touches the soul… and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to touch me today. But it did. And I am grateful.

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